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We will save you considerable time and money. Our team builds and maintains sites with secure, private areas and personalized user content. As a company that has been on the market for years, we are trying to improve the business operations of our clients by providing more opportunities to atract new customers and build better relationships with them.

The success of a website is often determined by the features it provides, the products that are offered and how well they are advertised. As a business owner, it is essential that you have the tools to manage your own website and administrative functions that fit your business processes.

Our websites are fully compatible with our ERP system. That consists of tools and functions that help businesses centralize their database and automate various routine tasks for greater efficiency and reliability.


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Email harvesting is the process of collecting lists of email addresses using various methods.
Usually used for bulk emails or spam. Hackers use "harvesting bots" that crawl numerous sites, chat rooms, web forms, etc. for a few seconds to retrieve a list of email addresses
There are different techniques for collecting email addresses:

•    Posting to UseNet with email addresses.
•    Yellow Pages data collection.
•    By accessing the same computer used by valid users
•    Access email and address books on another user's computer.
•    Spam through social engineering.
•    Buying lists from other spammers.
•    Hacking websites.
•    Hacking mailing lists,
•    From Web pages
•    From a Web browser, 
•    From internet chats, 
•    From domain contact points,
•    From finger daemons,
•    Through the Ident daemon.

The methods listed allow spammers to collect email addresses and then use them to send unsolicited mass messages to the recipient's inbox.

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Hide your email address while signing in. Showing your email address is a major mistake.
If you are tensed and stressed by online hackers and threats, there is one solution that you can choose. You can always avoid listing your email address on various obscure websites.
It is a good practice to use contact information where real users can contact you.

Obfuscate your email address.
By adding a puzzle obfuscation plugin to your email address, hackers will not be able to identify it. Using such plugins, you can replace your email address with codes. In this way, your email address is protected from hackers and does not affect the user's usability.

Use a password manager.
An extremely important step is to change and replace all your passwords with new strong and unique ones. With the password manager you can ensure reliable protection against hacking and theft of your accounts for the various services. 

Use two-factor authentication or MFA, wherever possible.
Use two-factor authentication (2FA)/MFA when setting your account password.
By implementing this protection, you will be notified of any hacking attempt on your email and you will control the authority to accept or reject such attempts.

Replace your email address.
To protect your email address from spam and hackers, you can always replace it with " ".
Through this practice, the user will be directly taken to your contact page when they click on the email.

Prevent email harvesting.
The following techniques can be used to prevent email harvesting:

•    Convert your email address to an image.
•    Merge your email address by changing the "@" sign to "at" and the "." sign to "dot."
•    Whenever you can use the email contact form.
•    Еmail obfuscation in JavaScript. The email address will appear scrambled, encoded, or hidden in the source code.
•    Use HTML for email address obfuscation
•    By entering the correct CAPTCHA by users will allow the disclosure of the email address
•    Using a spider trap to combat email harvesting spiders.
•    Mail server monitoring can be applied to the recipient's email server. This method rejects all email addresses from any sender that specifies more than one invalid recipient address as invalid.

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