BEA Warehouse managment system

BEA Warehouse managment system

Real-time information and visibility across business venues, assets and resources
Maximum efficiency of inventory, transfer, picking and expedition tasks
Better task/resource allocation
Improved business performance

You should be aware that business expansion in manufacturing and trading industries often comes with serious growing pains. Sure indication of facing this challenge comes when your current warehouse management system (WMS) is failing to meet your business needs with each piece of new business won, struggles to communicate with other software applications serving your business and it costs a hefty amount of money simply to support the system, let alone improve it when needed. Many companies are looking for ad hoc solutions to this challenge by bringing on-board an expensive IT consultant to try to temporarily remedy the system and win them some time. But they are not aware that things can go from bad to worse in terms of overall expense at the end.

Minimize effort Maximize efficiency

We've been implementing WMS systems in growing manufacturing and trading companies for about a decade. BEA WMS software application has been designed to support warehouse, distribution center management and staff. It runs on scanners thus allowing you to manage inventory in different sites (locations) and distribute tasks to different people while the information in the database is updated in real time. The best is it can communicate with Bea Gold ERP without costly and cumbersome integrations.

Our state-of-the-art graphical warehouse layout displays the interior of the warehouse thus empowering you with complete visibility and control over: individual stock keeping units (SKUs), warehouse storage locations, scatter ratio and labor productivity rates.

BEA Warehouse managment system

Frequently asked questions

General questions

Warehouses are the basis of companies engaged in the production and delivery of products. They store all materials used or produced in the process of working from raw materials to finished products.
The purpose of the WMS (Warehouse Management System) is to help and ensure that goods and materials move through warehouses in the most efficient way. WMS handles many features that allow these movements, including inventory tracking, loading, receiving, and transport.
WMS also provides visibility of the organization's inventory at any time and place. Read more
The BEA Warehouse Management System (WMS) is used to control the available inverter and its movement. Monitor the movement of each item in the chain produced, packed and sent.
WMS systems offer inventory optimization based on real-time information.
The advantage of BEA WMS is that it can communicate with Bea Gold ERP. The communication provides connection with the other constituents of the system.
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Business opportunities

The benefits that our customers will receive from using BEA WMS are the following:

•  Optimized space and lower operating costs
When using BEA WMS it is easy to make an analysis of the storage space. It determines how best to use it and provides opportunities to reduce waste, prevents from loss of valuable area, saves time in finding a product. This will also reduce potential costs as a result of excessive movement of materials.

•  Visibility of the inventory
The use of the warehouse management system will also ensure full visibility of the exact quantities of goods in real time.
The use of BEA WMS with RFID scanning for location tracking ensures the visibility and location of the inventory and reduces the cases of forgetting or losing the products in the warehouse.
•  Work efficiency
Using forecasting labor system BEA WMS may assign daily tasks and effectively creates schedules. Scanning items as they enter the warehouse, as well as their movement, eliminates the need for re-manual inspection and saves time. Scanning improves accuracy, minimizes errors, thus providing better customer service.

•  Traceability of materials
Materials and goods for inventory can be easily tracked with the warehouse management system using batches and serial numbers. By using BEA WMS for inventory tracking, the possibility of errors is reduced (for example: matching batches or serial numbers). Full traceability of actions is allowed.

•  Optimized supply chain
Within the warehouse, BEA WMS streamlines the entire warehousing process from incoming to outgoing deliveries, improving operational efficiency and reducing costs. Warehouse staff achieves fast and accurate shipments by reducing or eliminating unnecessary activity.

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