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Get the right information to the right people, secure, reliable and in realtime!

BDC operates according to clear an important thought and philosophy:
‘Prevention is better than curing!’.

This philosophy emphasizes in our management in which we operate proactively. We make use of a "continuous active" monitor system. Your Bea Gold ERP servers and network are monitored over a secure connection from our NOC (Network Operations Centre) 24/7.

What we monitor on your network and server(s) and is this safe?
A "silent agent" will be installed and configured on your server(s) which, amongst other things, monitors the following features on your server:

Status of your server hardware such as:
hard disks, memory, processor(s), controllers, interfaces, network adapters, power supplies, fans, etc.
Status of your server software:
processes and services, updates and patches, data consistency, backup processes, user profiles, antivirus protection and much more!
Status of your network:
performance, security, latency, jitter, bandwidth load, accessibility, peak and overload, etc.

The connection between our NOC, your network and the Bea Gold ERP server(s) is protected. Our monitoring application measurs only your hard and software status and does not have access to your company or user information, data and other sensitive information. We work strictly according to the valid legal privacy requirements.


ERP monitoring image

The traditional IT services is often based on the "break-fix model" where an IT company only comes into action when a problem already occurred. With our proactive management, however, it is possible to work preventively. Problems can be foreseen and on distance prevented. In this way, many problems can be detected and corrected in advance. The result of this approach is particularly optimal stable system, less nuisance for users and less calamities.

We can offer you the following support services:


With this we send instant alarm notifications from your network and server(s) to your system administrator. Your system management can take action to the alarm status of your network and server(s) to fix it. Your system administrator receives daily a status report of your network and server(s).


You or your system manager can after receiving an alert message contact our technicians by telephone and get assistance to fix the alarm status of your network or server(s).


You or your System Manager can after receiving of an alert message contact us and then obtain remote support using TeamViewer, among others. Our technician will (along with your administrative tools) remotely fix the alarm status. If you do not have a system administrator or you yourself does not have the necessary technical knowledge? Then we solve your remote alarm status for you and send you a notification when the alarm status is resolved. For this a direct secure access to your server is necessary.


When you or your system administrator can not fix the alarm status on your system? Our technicians can not solve it remotely? In these cases we offer you our support on site!

In this, we have three options:

  • You will contact us directly and we will make an appointment for you with a technician at your location.
  • During the remote support, it becomes clear that the problem cannot be remedied, in consultation with you or your system administrator, we will send a technician to your location directly to fix the alarm status.
  • We will send you, after having informed you about the alarm status by telephone, a technician as soon as possible at your location to solve the problem.

Know more? Specially for these kind of issues we would like to bring you in contact with our technical consultants.

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Frequently asked questions

Services and support

The Monitoring Service (MaaS) provides security solutions that are essential for organizations that rely on IT infrastructure. However, for effective monitoring, the organization must have modern technologies, security processes and experts with high technical skills, all of which have huge costs.
MaaS provides an effective solution to this problem. It provides round-the-clock real-time monitoring, reports all security infrastructure issues and protects its customers' key data.

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Using the "continuously active" monitoring system, the developers of BEA Solution guarantee reliable monitoring.
Your Bea Gold ERP servers and network are securely monitored by our NOC (Network Operations Center) 24/7.
NOC is a set of programs that help our consultants monitor the status of clients' server hardware such as: hard drives, memory, processors, controllers, interfaces, network adapters, power supplies, fans and more.
Our task is to monitor the software on your server: processes and services, updates and corrections, data sequence, backup processes, user profiles, antivirus protection and much more.
We also monitor the status of your network: performance, security, availability, congestion, etc.

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To succeed, every business must have access to appropriate ERP system support services, especially in a world where technological advances are increasing.
BEA Solutions takes care of this and guarantees its customers easy and trouble-free access to all corporate resource planning systems. This includes collecting, storing, updating, managing and interpreting data from these online resources.
The BEA Solutions team is led by expert ERP solution providers who make every effort to manage the various services and maintain the BEA GOLD ERP enterprise resource planning software.
BEA Solutions handles all of these support services effectively:

•    Reporting of the daily status
The system administrator monitors the status of your network and servers on a daily basis through reports.
•    Phone support
Our technicians are available at any time by phone to meet your needs for the state of your network or servers.
•    Remote maintenance and servicing of hardware from BEA Solutions
 If necessary, you can contact us and then get remote support using TeamViewer.
•    On-site maintenance
In case our BEA SOLUTIONS specialists cannot solve your problem remotely, we offer on-site support.
A good team of ERP solution providers is a key factor in determining the success of a business. It is your responsibility to choose the right ERP system maintenance team wisely and carefully. Choosing the right team of effective ERP solution providers will accelerate the success and prosperity of your business.

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