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Management science tells us that internal highly-paid, highly-skilled IT people are not always efficient in managing in-house infrastructure and delivering prompt support to organizational members. While they might be great strategic planners, a really great technical support requires a huge collective effort.

Leveraging our team of talented, skilled and creative engineers, our proven methods and capabilities to support complex IT projects with project analyses, database migrations, customizations, integrations, maintenance, and trainings, our clients are able to design and develop a more predictable workflow at a more efficient cost than they could achieve internally.

Benefits are:

  • Better task/resource allocation
  • Shorter response time
  • Your highly-paid IT people focused on strategy
  • Increased workflow efficiency

Analyses Analysis

There are no universal ERP systems that can suit every business environment out of the box. They are designed, customized and configured to support the business processes of an organization. Instead of facing the ramifications of a bad ERP design, our team of experts can project seamlessly into your company the best practices of ERP regimented design process starting with the analysis phase.

On the basis of a requirements gathering session where we listen to your company vision, objectives and needs – how your processes work and what would you like to improve in your workflow, we execute an extensive technical and functional discovery analysis which helps us draft a design document (plan) aligned with your business goals and best practices in the implementation.

Many companies still wondering how an ERP system can benefit their business would come to us for the initial analysis phase where our team of experts would make suggestions and even model their complicated workflow to show them how it would work.

Development Development


When you make a commitment to Bea Gold ERP, you do not commit to a rigid but evolving system which grows and develops with your company's needs.

Being developers we realize how big an impact our products can have on a growing organization where processes are in continuous transformation. You might need us to build new or customize existing functionality of our products to meet better your current business needs; or you might need us to make Bea Gold ERP system retrieve valuable information for your business from your new or existing website. That is why when it comes to database migration, customization, integration or maintenance needs related to our products, we will always be there for you.

Remember that it is your business vision that directs the future of our products and we grow as you grow. Our business can meet this promise every step of the way.


Training and education Training and education

Passing through the analysis, design, building and deployment phases of your ERP system, we arrive finally to the training phase. At this point you can benefit from an extensive curriculum for the core modules of Bea Gold ERP supported with the needed training collateral. These training courses will enable your team to functionally make use of the system.

Additionally you might want your sales, marketing or production management teams to dive deeper in the reporting to identify trends and streamline decision making based on measurable metrics. That is not a problem. Bea Gold ERP is a powerful tool for finding real-time business intelligence. Actually you might be just a few clicks away from what you need. We have custom training sessions to educate your people how to do that.

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