BEA Message boards

BEA Message boards

Better organizational awareness
Efficient communication flow in-house
Higher motivation and collaboration
Spillover of knowledge, innovation and creativity across company

No more communication confusion

Inefficient and unclear communication practices inside any organization with multiple employees or departments can cause confusion and demoralization across the team and strain the productivity of the company by crippling innovation and capacity. That is not good and we know how to fix it.

Our system of message boards integrated with Bea Gold ERP can enhance learning about organization's process, capabilities, policies and news. We are sure your marketing and HR teams will find it valuable in terms of informing your employees during their work time and breaks about exciting ideas and improvements coming on the way.

BEA Message boards

Frequently asked questions

General questions

BEA MESSAGE BOARD is a TV screen that presents important messages and information aimed at employees. The advantage of BEA MESSAGE BOARD over ordinary bulletin boards is its flexibility. All you have to do to start BEA MESSAGE BOARD is to connect the TV to a computer with the implemented BEA GOLD ERP (no additional s ... Read more
Through the digital BEA Message Board, you can disseminate information to your employees in several different ways. To provide specific information, you must use an appropriate method of communication. By understanding how to effectively use communication methods in the office, you'll be better equipped to choose the r ... Read more
Company bulletin boards are practical tools for communication, sharing information and attracting the attention of employees.Bea Message Boards allow flexibility as you can post engaging text or video content.First you need to open the Message Board menu in BEA ERP. It contains three sub-menus.Message board – Slides - ... Read more
Here are some sample things to put on your company bulletin board.Compliance Messages: You can present informative messages to your employees about the Company's Territory Labor Standards as well as the Rights of Employees with Disabilities.Messages from the HR team: Employees need information about other positions ope ... Read more

Business opportunities

The benefits that our customers will experience from using BEA MESSAGE BOARDS are the following: • Awareness of all employees of the company. • Innovative solution for electronic presentation of information to employees on a digital display. • Current content that can be updated daily. • Presentation of various th ... Read more