BEA Radio Frequency Identification

BEA Radio Frequency Identification

Increased job satisfaction and Higher staff's morale
Less time spent on payroll
Staffing plans that meet the operations needs
Improved productivity

No More Late Arrivals

Late arrivals and unannounced absences threaten work ethics -- such as teamwork, respect, productivity and attitude. Employers realize well that an employee disrupting production schedules, causing others to reschedule planned leave and raising bad feelings among co-workers who adhere to good practices is harmful both for their people and clients.

BEA Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is an automated data collection technology for employee attendance tracking. Together with an established partner providing the hardware, we have set the RFID tag and reader to communicate with Bea Gold ERP flawlessly and send information about checking in and checking out of your people. Your operations and HR managers will be happy to hear that they can set attendance rules, monitor team clock behavior closely, spot trends and create timesheets and reports.

BEA Radio Frequency Identification

Frequently asked questions

General questions

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track labels attached to objects. The RFID system consists of a small radio transponder, a radio receiver and a transmitter. When triggered by an electromagnetic pulse from a nearby RFID reader, the label transmits digital d ... Read more
Manually recording the attendance of all employees for the working day creates problems. The BEA RFID presence system is integrated with the database system. This RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) system has been developed with the help of several main components - ID cards (individual for an employee) and a check- ... Read more
RFID technology works on radio frequency and is used for automatic identification of various objects. The RFID system mainly consists of two parts.1) RFID readerThe RFID reader continuously sends radio waves at a certain frequency. If the object to which this RFID tag is attached is within the range of these radio wave ... Read more
Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a type of passive wireless technology that allows items or people to be tracked or matched.It consists of two main parts: tags and readers. The reader emits radio waves and receives signals back from the RFID tag, while the tag uses radio waves to communicate its identity and ot ... Read more
The idea of BEA RFID is to register the presence of each one at his workplace.Every entry made by the employee with his personal RFID card is saved in the database.The system allows these registrations to be made every time you enter /leave the company or even every time you take a break. Based on the reported registra ... Read more
When a new employee is hired, certain steps must be taken.The entire procedure is performed in BEA ERP.When a new employee is hired, a personal profile is first created for him in the Human Resources (HR) module in the BEA ERP system. An ID card is then issued to mark the RFID devices. The card contains a unique code, ... Read more
Based on the records entered, BEA allows the following reports to be issued:Control on Time sheet vs RFID registration - Compares time on Time Sheet with RFID Registration.The reference provides information on whether the time that is reflected in the Time Sheet as worked corresponds to the time according to the regist ... Read more

Business opportunities

With the help of BEA RFID, business owners can monitor the working hours of employees. The introduction of the attendance tracking system based on the radio frequency identification BEA RFID enables employers and managers to assess productivity. The system is extremely accurate and identifies all employees who arrive o ... Read more