What are the benefits of using BEA WMS?

What are the benefits of using BEA WMS?

The benefits that our customers will receive from using BEA WMS are the following:

•  Optimized space and lower operating costs
When using BEA WMS it is easy to make an analysis of the storage space. It determines how best to use it and provides opportunities to reduce waste, prevents from loss of valuable area, saves time in finding a product. This will also reduce potential costs as a result of excessive movement of materials.

•  Visibility of the inventory
The use of the warehouse management system will also ensure full visibility of the exact quantities of goods in real time.
The use of BEA WMS with RFID scanning for location tracking ensures the visibility and location of the inventory and reduces the cases of forgetting or losing the products in the warehouse.
•  Work efficiency
Using forecasting labor system BEA WMS may assign daily tasks and effectively creates schedules. Scanning items as they enter the warehouse, as well as their movement, eliminates the need for re-manual inspection and saves time. Scanning improves accuracy, minimizes errors, thus providing better customer service.

•  Traceability of materials
Materials and goods for inventory can be easily tracked with the warehouse management system using batches and serial numbers. By using BEA WMS for inventory tracking, the possibility of errors is reduced (for example: matching batches or serial numbers). Full traceability of actions is allowed.

•  Optimized supply chain
Within the warehouse, BEA WMS streamlines the entire warehousing process from incoming to outgoing deliveries, improving operational efficiency and reducing costs. Warehouse staff achieves fast and accurate shipments by reducing or eliminating unnecessary activity.