BEA Human resources

BEA Human resources

Faster decision making
Expedite workflows
Anytime access to business intelligence
Improved request/approval process
Improved responsiveness to customer and prospect needs and inquiries

Mobility means efficiency

It very often happens that CEOs, HR, sales, and operations executives in manufacturing and trading companies need real-time information about human resources, capacity, contracts, customers, vendors, transactions and revenues while they are out of office.

With our beyond the desk mobile application, you have access to your valuable data and information in Bea Gold ERP when you need and where you need it. The app can empower and engage all employees, customers, and stakeholders without a hitch, while providing a highly secure connection at the same time. There are no restrictions on the number of companies/plants, users and languages managed by the app.

No matter whether you are using the HR, Customer or Management module of the application, you can transform your data into a real-time actionable intelligence, applying the filters you want and the app will still remember these settings next time you need them on this device.

BEA Human resources

Frequently asked questions

General questions

Human Resources (HR) managers face the difficult task of managing a huge amount of information for many people on a daily basis, whether your company is large or small. In the ever-evolving digital age, you can improve productivity by automating human resources processes. Using the BEA MOBILE HR application in you ... Read more
The BEA Mobile HR is mobile application is designed with the idea of easy navigation and management, while providing comprehensive information to users. It contains the following categories:News - The news menu stores every request submitted by the employee in the system. Requests include leave, sick leave, and outhous ... Read more
Leave requests are filled out in the BEA Mobile HR application and then go through various levels of approval. The system automatically tracks the used and remaining paid annual leave for each employee. Before a given leave request is approved, managers can check employee absences for a certain period of time and the d ... Read more
The BEA Mobile HR system covers the entire process of managing leave and other absences from the office. It provides remote planning, booking, approval, tracking and analysis of current or past employee requests.At any time, employees can check the balance of their annual leave entitlement and request new leave through ... Read more

Business opportunities

The advantages of BEA MOBILE HR are: • Save time Human resource software is automated, which means you'll have a lot more time to focus on growing your business. • Clean up your office You will get rid of the endless accumulations of documents, thanks to the BEA MOBILE HR software, in which you store the documen ... Read more