BEA Warehouse managment system

BEA Warehouse managment system

Real-time information and visibility across business venues, assets and resources
Maximum efficiency of inventory, transfer, picking and expedition tasks
Better task/resource allocation
Improved business performance

You should be aware that business expansion in manufacturing and trading industries often comes with serious growing pains. Sure indication of facing this challenge comes when your current warehouse management system (WMS) is failing to meet your business needs with each piece of new business won, struggles to communicate with other software applications serving your business and it costs a hefty amount of money simply to support the system, let alone improve it when needed. Many companies are looking for ad hoc solutions to this challenge by bringing on-board an expensive IT consultant to try to temporarily remedy the system and win them some time. But they are not aware that things can go from bad to worse in terms of overall expense at the end.

Minimize effort Maximize efficiency

We've been implementing WMS systems in growing manufacturing and trading companies for about a decade. BEA WMS software application has been designed to support warehouse, distribution center management and staff. It runs on scanners thus allowing you to manage inventory in different sites (locations) and distribute tasks to different people while the information in the database is updated in real time. The best is it can communicate with Bea Gold ERP without costly and cumbersome integrations.

Our state-of-the-art graphical warehouse layout displays the interior of the warehouse thus empowering you with complete visibility and control over: individual stock keeping units (SKUs), warehouse storage locations, scatter ratio and labor productivity rates.

BEA Warehouse managment system

Frequently asked questions

General questions

Warehouses are the basis of companies engaged in the production and delivery of products. They store all materials used or produced in the process of working from raw materials to finished products. The purpose of the WMS (Warehouse Management System) is to help and ensure that goods and materials move through warehous ... Read more
The BEA Warehouse Management System (WMS) is used to control the available inverter and its movement. Monitor the movement of each item in the chain produced, packed and sent. WMS systems offer inventory optimization based on real-time information. The advantage of BEA WMS is that it can communicate with Bea Gold E ... Read more
Integrated WMS with ERP is fast becoming a "must-have" for organizations looking to expand their operations and expand their business.Integrated WMS into ERP helps businesses reduce the likelihood of making costly mistakes when manually entering a lot of data. It also enables logistics companies to save valuable operat ... Read more
The BEA WMS system provides the following warehouse management capabilities:- Real-time access to reliable data that provides greater visibility into your supply chain- Lower labor costs thanks to efficient labor distribution- Improved warehouse processes- Optimized warehouse layout- Improved accuracy of available inve ... Read more
The modules on the system BEA WMS for management on warehouse include : Warehouses – creating and setting up the different types of warehouses to work in BEA (Trash warehouse, Production warehouse, Reception warehouse, Picking warehouse, ect .) Overview of article locations – determining the exact position of each arti ... Read more
The main things to consider when deciding whether you need a warehouse management system are:- The very frequent movement of inventory by employees in the warehouse. - The need to increase warehouse staff to be able to handle the available inventory.- You are storing too much stale inventory.- The long process from the ... Read more
The following different WMS systems exist: Core WMS System: Manages elementary warehouse operations such as: receiving and storage, picking , packing and shipping of orders.Advanced WMS System: Based on the core WMS with real-time inventory tracking included and order routing capabilities added.Integrated WMS system: ... Read more
ERP systems need to be integrated with WMS to maintain detailed inventory status. Stock levels and the order fulfillment process are correctly tracked.Integrating WMS with ERP system provides accurate inventory data and up-to-date company inventory data. This helps management make informed decisions about managing thei ... Read more

Business opportunities

The benefits that our customers will receive from using BEA WMS are the following: • Optimized space and lower operating costs When using BEA WMS it is easy to make an analysis of the storage space. It determines how best to use it and provides opportunities to reduce waste, prevents from loss of valuable area, ... Read more