What is the working principle of BEA MESSAGE BOARDS?

What is the working principle of BEA MESSAGE BOARDS?
Company bulletin boards are practical tools for communication, sharing information and attracting the attention of employees.
Bea Message Boards allow flexibility as you can post engaging text or video content.
First you need to open the Message Board menu in BEA ERP. It contains three sub-menus.
Message board – Slides - here you enter every single message intended to be visualized on the screen for every single slide. It is possible to directly publish the created message on social networks directly via a button for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
Scrolling text – here enter the text that scrolls constantly at the bottom of the screen. The rotating text is independent of the content of the Slide.
Message board viewer – here the entered information from the Slides and Scrolling text menu is actually visualized. It is viewed in reality how the entered information is presented on the screen.