Articles / Recipes

Articles / Recipes
The Articles / Recipes Module streamlines product engineering, BOM management, cost control and change management.

Main features:

1. Flexible configuration settings: The Articles / Recipes Module provides tools to set up simple to complex configurations, including recipes, for accurate product cost estimation.
2. Bills of Materials: Users can create Bills of Materials (BOMs) with virtually unlimited build levels and an unlimited number of components.
3. Change management and workflow integration: The module integrates seamlessly with workflows to accommodate last-minute engineering change requests. This feature ensures that changes are managed and documented efficiently, preventing disruptions to the production process.
4. Support for multiple production results: The module enables the management of multiple production results from a single operation, providing flexibility and efficiency in dealing with various production scenarios.


1. Enhanced BOM Management: The module enables users to manage simple to complex BOMs and provides the flexibility to plan and control product costs effectively and efficiently, regardless of the complexity of the product.
2. Enhanced Change Control: By integrating change management with workflows and maintaining comprehensive documentation of all revisions, the module helps prevent technical change requests from causing disruptions and ensures smooth and well-documented transitions.
3. Streamlined Production Flexibility: Support for multiple production outputs from a single operation ensures efficient and effortless handling of diverse production scenarios, improving operational flexibility and agility.
4. Comprehensive Documentation: The module ensures that all revisions and changes are thoroughly documented, creating a clear audit trail and promoting transparency in product engineering and manufacturing processes.

In conclusion, the Bea Gold ERP Articles / Recipes Module offers a comprehensive set of features and capabilities to streamline product engineering, BOM management, cost control and change management.