This module provides a platform for electronic communication with customers, external warehouses and other business partners. By harnessing the power of electronic data interchange, organizations can efficiently exchange business documents and information, leading to improved operational efficiency and improved collaboration.

Main features:

1. Automated Document Exchange: The B2B/EDI Module facilitates the automated exchange of various business documents, including sales orders, delivery information, inventory data, electronic invoices and more, between the organization and its external partners.
2. Standardized communication: The module supports the use of standardized electronic formats and protocols for data exchange, ensuring consistency and compatibility between different systems and partners.
3. Integration with external systems: This module integrates seamlessly with external systems, such as those of customers and warehouses, for smooth data flow and real-time insight into critical business processes.
4. Data Security and Compliance: The module includes robust security measures to protect sensitive corporate data during transfer and storage, as well as compliance with industry-specific regulations and standards regarding electronic communications and data exchange.
5. Workflow Automation: B2B/EDI solutions can be used to automate key business processes such as order processing, inventory management and invoicing.


1. Improved efficiency: Electronic data interchange streamlines communication and data exchange processes, reduces manual efforts and increases efficiency.
2. Improved accuracy: By eliminating manual data entry and its associated errors, the B2B/EDI Module helps ensure the accuracy and integrity of the business data exchanged, leading to fewer processing errors and discrepancies.
3. Faster order processing: The module enables the rapid exchange of sales orders and delivery information, allowing orders to be processed and fulfilled more smoothly, which can lead to greater customer satisfaction and customer retention.
4. Better inventory management: Real-time exchange of inventory data with external warehouses provides better inventory visibility and control, leading to optimized inventory levels and fewer stock-outs or overstock situations.
5. Strengthened Business Relationships: Efficient electronic communications with customers and external partners promotes stronger business relationships because it enables timely and accurate information exchange, which contributes to greater trust and collaboration.

In short, the B2B/EDI Module provides powerful features and electronic data interchange capabilities, allowing organizations to establish efficient, secure, and standardized communications with customers and external partners, ultimately leading to operational excellence and business growth.