This is a powerful tool to streamline the management and resolution of customer complaints and issues within the organization. This module offers a range of functions and capabilities aimed at efficiently tracking, categorizing and resolving complaints across various business relationships and entities.

Main features:

1. Comprehensive complaint registration: The module allows complaints from various sources, including customers, suppliers and internal stakeholders, to be systematically recorded and followed up, so that no complaint remains unaddressed.
2. Relationship and Entity Grouping: Users can group related entities or relationships for traceability and reporting purposes, providing a clear picture of complaints associated with specific customers, products, or business units.
3. Customizable Workflows: The module supports the integration of customizable workflow procedures based on the type of complaint, allowing for customized processing and resolution steps tailored to the organization's specific needs and best practices.
4. Centralized Complaint Database: All complaint related information including details, status updates, communication logs and resolutions are centralized in the ERP system.
5. Reporting and analysis: The module provides reporting and analysis capabilities that allow users to gain insight into complaint trends, response times, resolution results and areas for improvement.


1. Improved customer satisfaction: With a structured approach to complaint management, the module helps ensure that customer issues are addressed quickly and effectively, leading to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.
2. Improved auditability and traceability: Grouping related entities and relationships and integrating workflow procedures improves auditability and traceability and ensures that complaints are handled consistently and in accordance with predefined processes.
3. Streamlined Complaint Handling: Customizable workflows and centralized data ensure efficient and standardized complaint processing, leading to faster resolution times and reduced operational inefficiencies.
4. Data-driven decision making: Access to complaint-related analytics and reports allows organizations to identify recurring issues, root causes of complaints and areas for improvement, supporting informed decision-making and continuous improvement.
5. Regulatory Compliance and Risk Mitigation: The module helps organizations meet regulatory requirements related to complaints management and mitigate potential risks associated with unresolved or mishandled complaints.

In summary, the Complaints Module provides companies with a robust solution to effectively manage and track complaints across various business relationships and entities, with customizable workflows, centralized data management and insights to improve customer satisfaction and operational excellence.