The Contract Management Module offers a comprehensive range of options to streamline contract management.

Main features:

1. Versatile contract types: The Contract Management module allows you to define and manage various contract types, including service contracts, subscription contracts, delivery contracts and bonus contracts.
2. Special Prices and Discount Rules: Users can specify special prices or discount rules within contracts, allowing customization of pricing structures and simplifying the management of discounts and special offers for different contract types.
3. Automated Notifications: The module provides the ability to set up automated notifications via email or internal messages to alert stakeholders when a contract end date is approaching or when specific quantities are close to being reached, especially for supply contracts. This feature helps with proactive contract management.
4. Automated order creation for subscription contracts: For subscription contracts, the module makes it possible to automatically schedule sales or purchase orders, streamlining the purchasing process and fulfilling contractual obligations.
5. Customizable contract management: Users can define and manage contracts with specific terms and requirements, creating a comprehensive system for organizing and controlling contractual agreements within the organization.


1. Enhanced contract flexibility: The module's support for various contract types and customizable pricing rules enables the management of a wide range of contractual agreements, meeting the specific needs of the organization and its stakeholders.
2. Proactive contract management: Automated notifications about contract end dates and quantity thresholds enable proactive contract management, ensuring timely information to stakeholders and efficient decision-making.
3. Streamlined Purchasing for Subscription Contracts: Automatically creating sales or purchase orders for subscription contracts reduces manual intervention, streamlines the order fulfillment process, and ensures contractual obligations are met.
4. Improved efficiency and compliance: The module's capabilities contribute to improved operational efficiency and accuracy by providing a centralized system for managing contracts, pricing, notifications and automatic order creation.

In short, the Bea Gold ERP Contract Management Module provides a comprehensive set of features and capabilities designed to streamline contract management, automate processes and improve efficiency in managing contractual agreements, pricing and notifications within an organization.