This CRM/SRM solution strengthens customer relationship management.

Main Features:

1. Managing Customer Interactions: The CRM Module makes it easier to track and organize customer conversations, which helps build stronger customer connections for customer service teams.
2. Revenue and Cost Management: This module helps companies earn more and reduce costs by improving their marketing, sales and customer service. This leads to greater efficiency and higher profits.
3. Appointment and Outcome Management: Users can schedule appointments and track their outcomes, helping them manage their time and ensure customer conversations are properly tracked and incorporated into their work routines.
4. Integration with Project Management: The module provides a comprehensive set of project management tools, allowing users to set up and execute projects within the CRM system. This ensures a fluid mix of customer-related tasks and project management.


1. Customer-Centric Approach: The CRM Module allows organizations to better focus on customers by providing a clear overview of customer conversations and building good relationships that contribute to the success of the company.
2. Growing Revenue and Lowering Costs: Streamlining marketing, sales and service helps increase revenues and reduce the costs associated with customer engagement, leading to better financial results.
3. Efficiency in Appointments and Results: The module makes it easier to manage appointments and track results, which contributes to good planning and a clear picture of customer conversations, linked to daily activities.
4. Seamless Project Integration: By integrating project management into the CRM system, customer relationships and projects can be managed together. This ensures a well-coordinated approach to all customer-related activities.

In summary, the Bea Gold ERP CRM/SRM Module offers a host of useful features that help improve customer relationships, support customer-centric business strategies, optimize revenue and costs, and smoothly integrate project management into the CRM system. All this contributes to satisfied customers and business success.