The Financial Module is a complete solution that helps with all parts of accounting and financial transactions for businesses. It has many useful functions to ensure that the accounting is correct and that companies can clearly see how they are doing financially.

Main features:

1. General Ledger: The module provides a central repository for recording all financial transactions, allowing businesses to maintain a comprehensive record of financial activities and account balances.
2. Analytical ledgers: Companies can use analytical ledgers to perform in-depth analysis and reporting on specific financial aspects, such as cost centers, projects or departments, providing valuable insights into financial performance.
3. Accounts Receivable: The module simplifies the management of customer accounts, including invoicing, receivables tracking and credit management, ensuring efficient management of cash flow and customer payments.
4. Accounts payable: This allows you to keep track of what you still have to pay to suppliers and arrange this process properly.
5. Fixed Assets: The module supports accurate tracking and management of fixed assets, including the purchase, depreciation and disposal of assets.
6. Invoices and entries: You can easily enter and maintain invoices, credit notes and journal entries in the accounting system.
7. Bank Reconciliation: Compares what the bank says with what is on the books to make sure everything is correct.
8. Checking purchase invoices: Check whether the invoices for what you purchased match what you actually received.
9. Create Sales Invoices: Automatically creates invoices for goods or services sold.
10. Payment Analytics: Provides insight into payments that have been made and are yet to come, providing insight into cash flow trends and payment obligations.
11. VAT analysis: Companies can make detailed analyzes and reports of VAT transactions, so that they comply with tax regulations and everything is neatly recorded.
12. Reports and Documents: Makes it easy to create financial reports and manage documents.
13. Investment Tracking: The module supports investment tracking and management and provides insight into investment performance and related financial activities.


1. Complete financial management: You have everything you need for accounting in one place.
2. More efficient and accurate: Automation reduces errors and makes everything run more smoothly.
3. Compliance with rules: The module ensures that you meet all accounting and legal requirements.
4. Better insight into finances: You get a good picture of the financial position, cash flow and performance of the company.
5. Smooth transaction management: The module streamlines the management of financial transactions, improving overall financial control and transparency.