The HR module in Bea Gold ERP is a complete solution that helps improve human resources management within an organization. This module has numerous functions for properly maintaining employee information, performance reviews, leave management, applicant tracking, employee scheduling and time tracking.

Main features:

1. Manage Employee Database: Everything about employees, such as contact information, salary, attendance, reviews, expenses and promotions, is kept in one place.
2. Leave Management: It's easy to submit, approve and track employee leave requests, such as vacation, sick and personal leave.
3. Follow up with applicants: You can follow up with applicants, schedule interviews, and manage candidate information throughout the application process.
4. Workforce scheduling: The module helps schedule employees so that they are working at the right place and time, according to the needs of the company.
5. Time Tracking: Employees can enter their hours worked, which is important for calculating salary and assessing their performance.

Benefits :

1. All employee information in one place: This makes it easier to manage human resources and make decisions.
2. Improved efficiency: The module makes HR processes such as leave and rosters more efficient, saving time and resources.
3. Better Compliance and Accuracy: By automating attendance, leave and time tracking, the module ensures company compliance and salary and appraisal accuracy.
4. Optimized recruitment process: Tracking applicants makes the recruitment process more efficient and helps manage candidate information better.
5. Engaged employees: Good leave and roster management ensures satisfied employees and a better work-life balance, which increases their commitment.

In short, the HR module of Bea Gold ERP offers many tools to properly manage employees and improve human resources in a company. It centralizes information, makes processes more efficient and helps the company optimize operational efficiency, compliance and employee satisfaction.