The Mobile Module provides extensive control over user rights and security settings, specifically tailored to the mobile application. This module allows administrators to define and manage the access rights of individual users, ensuring that sensitive data and critical functionalities within the mobile environment are protected.

Main features:

1. User rights management: The Mobile Module allows administrators to define and control the specific rights and permissions granted to each user of the mobile application. This includes access to data, functionalities and functions based on individual roles and responsibilities within the organization.
2. Customization of security settings: Administrators have the ability to customize security settings to match the organization's security policies and compliance requirements. This includes options for data encryption, multi-factor authentication, session management and other security measures to strengthen the protection of mobile app use.
3. Role-based access control: The module supports role-based access control, allowing administrators to assign different access levels and functionalities based on the roles and responsibilities of individual users within the organization. This ensures that users only have access to the features needed for their specific tasks.
4. User Activity Monitoring: Administrators can monitor user activity within the mobile application and track logins, access attempts, and usage patterns to identify anomalies or potential security breaches. This proactive monitoring helps maintain the integrity and security of the mobile environment.


1. Enhanced data security: By regulating user rights and adjusting security settings, the Mobile Module helps improve the overall security posture of the mobile application, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches.
2. Compliance compliance: Organizations can ensure that user access and security settings are in line with industry regulations and internal compliance standards, mitigating the risk of non-compliance and associated fines.
3. Granular Control: Administrators have granular control over user access, allowing them to tailor permissions and security controls to the specific needs of different user roles, departments, and functions within the organization.
4. Mitigated Risk: Proactive monitoring of user activities and adjustment of security settings help limit the risk of unauthorized access, data leaks and other security risks that may arise within the mobile application.

In summary, the Mobile Module provides organizations with the tools to regulate user rights and security settings within the mobile app, ensuring robust data security, compliance, and granular control over user access and activities.