This Production Module provides a comprehensive set of tools to manage and track the entire production process. Integrated with logistics and warehouse management, the module ensures seamless coordination of production activities and enables companies to respond efficiently to production challenges and maintain a clear view of their product evolution and costs.

Main features:

1. Production requests and suggestions: The module automates the process of receiving and managing production requests, allowing companies to efficiently respond to demand and initiate production activities in a timely manner. In addition, production suggestion tools provide insights and recommendations to optimize production planning and resource allocation.
2. Bill of Materials Management (BOM): Built-in BOM functionality allows the creation and management of detailed lists of components and raw materials required for production, allowing for accurate planning, cost estimating and inventory management.
3. Production Planning Tools: Multiple production planning tools allow companies to proactively address potential production issues, whether related to resource availability, scheduling, or other factors. These tools enable both short- and long-term planning so that companies can adapt to changing production needs.
4. Version control and product evolution: The module features a complete version control system within the BOM, allowing companies to maintain a clear history of product evolution. This ensures transparency in the production process and supports quality control efforts.
5. Pre- and post-production analysis: Comprehensive pre- and post-production cost analysis tools provide valuable insights into the cost dynamics of the production process. Clear graphical representations facilitate visualization of cost trends, facilitating informed decision-making and cost optimization strategies.
6. Integration with logistics and warehouse management: Seamless integration with logistics and warehouse management systems enables the automatic creation of warehouse tasks based on production requirements, streamlining the flow of materials and products throughout the production process.


1. Improved efficiency: The automation of production requests and seamless integration with logistics and warehouse management systems contribute to improved operational efficiency and better use of resources.
2. Proactive planning: Production planning tools enable companies to identify and address potential production challenges so that production processes and resources can be managed proactively.
3. Cost Transparency: Pre- and post-production cost analysis tools provide a clear understanding of production costs, facilitating informed decision-making and cost optimization strategies.
4. Product evolution tracking: Version control built into the BOM provides a clear history of product evolution and supports quality control efforts and product development initiatives.
5. Real-time insights: Clear graphical representations of cost and production data provide real-time insight into production performance, enabling flexible decision-making.

In conclusion, the Production Module of Bea Gold ERP offers an extensive package of tools and options to streamline and optimize the production process. By integrating production planning, cost analysis and logistics coordination, this module enables companies to maintain a competitive advantage in managing their production operations.