This Sales solution provides a comprehensive platform for recording and managing all sales-related information, allowing tasks from order entry to invoicing and delivery to be performed seamlessly. With a robust set of tools, this module enables companies to effectively manage their sales processes, analyze sales performance and improve customer satisfaction.

Main features:

1. Sales Orders and Financial Orders: The module facilitates the efficient management of sales orders and financial orders, allowing companies to effectively track and process customer transactions from initiation to execution.
2. Offers and Promotions: Companies can create and manage offers and promotions to tailor sales strategies and drive customer engagement.
3. Sales prices and discount rules: The module supports the management of sales prices and discount rules.
4. Budgets and OTIF Analytics: Budget management tools allow companies to set and monitor sales-related budgets, while OTIF (On Time In Full) analytics provide insight into the timeliness and completeness of order processing.
5. Sales and Order Statistics: The module provides powerful analytics tools for generating sales statistics and order statistics, providing valuable insights into sales performance, customer behavior and order processing.
6. Document management: All necessary documents related to sales transactions, such as picking slips, delivery slips and invoices, can be managed within the module.
7. Integration with Outlook: Outlook integration ensures smooth linking of emails to sales orders, streamlining communications and linking them to the correct sales transactions.


1. Streamlined Sales Operations: The Sales Module provides a centralized platform for managing all aspects of the sales process so that orders can be processed and fulfilled efficiently.
2. Enhanced Sales Analytics: The module's analytics tools provide valuable insights into sales performance, customer behavior and order fulfillment, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning.
3. Improved customer engagement: The ability to manage offers, promotions and customer-specific pricing supports improved customer engagement and relationship management.
4. Extensive documentation: By managing all necessary sales-related documents within the module, companies can maintain extensive records.
5. Seamless Integration: Integration with Outlook streamlines communications and enables efficient linking of emails to sales orders, improving collaboration and information management.

In conclusion, Bea Gold ERP's Sales Module provides a robust suite of tools and capabilities to streamline sales operations, analyze sales performance and increase customer engagement. By offering powerful analysis tools, this module enables companies to optimize their sales processes and drive sustainable growth.