Whether normal stock or identified packaging, the Stock Module provides a range of functions to support inventory management and decision-making.

Main features:

1. Stock Consultation and Management: The module allows users to view and manage their entire stock inventory, providing real-time insight into stock levels, locations and movements.
2. Support for identified packages: Users can manage identified packages, which allows inventory items to be tracked and managed based on specific package or unit identifications.
3. Inventory Tools: The module includes inventory tools that can be used even when the Bea WMS (Warehouse Management System) is not present, providing businesses with essential inventory management capabilities.
4. Inventory Analysis Tools: Users can use tools to analyze inventory evolution, including graphical representations of inventory trends and inventory valorization reports that include various calculation methods such as FIFO (First In, First Out), LIFO (Last In, First Out) and Average Cost.


1. Enhanced Inventory Visibility: The Stock Module provides real-time visibility into inventory levels, allowing businesses to make informed decisions regarding inventory management, replenishment and order fulfillment.
2. Efficient identified packaging management: For companies dealing with identified packaging, the module enables effective tracking and management of inventory items based on their packaging or unit identifications, enabling accurate inventory management.
3. Inventory management without WMS: Even if no Bea WMS is installed, the Stock Module provides companies with essential inventory tools to efficiently manage inventory and ensure operational continuity and control.
4. Informed decision making: The stock analysis tools, including graphical displays and valorization reports, enable companies to assess stock performance, trends and valuation using various calculation methods, facilitating data-driven decision making.
5. Compliance and Financial Control: By providing support for various inventory valuation methods, the module helps companies comply with accounting standards while providing valuable insights for financial control and reporting.

In summary, the Stock Module within Bea Gold ERP provides companies with a powerful set of tools and capabilities for managing and analyzing inventory, enabling efficient inventory control, informed decision-making and compliance with accounting standards.