The Transporters solution streamlines transport management.

Main features:

1. Route optimization and cost calculation: The Transporters Module makes Excel files redundant by providing tools to determine the best transporter and costs for a particular route. This feature enables quick and accurate decision-making regarding transportation partners and associated costs.
2. Document Generation: Users can efficiently select their preferred transportation partner and create the necessary transportation documents within minutes, streamlining the preparation process for transportation tasks.
3. Cost Matching and Analysis: The module facilitates matching cost estimates with invoiced amounts, providing full visibility of transportation expenses.


1. Accelerated decision making: The module enables fast, informed decision making by providing tools for route optimization and cost calculation, so companies can efficiently select the best transportation partners for their needs.
2. Enhanced Visibility and Control: Users gain full visibility into transportation execution, allowing them to manage transportation operations more efficiently.
3. Simplified invoicing management: The module streamlines the control of carrier invoices, simplifying a previously complicated process and reducing the administrative burden associated with managing transportation costs.

In conclusion, the Bea Gold ERP Transporters Module offers a range of features and capabilities designed to streamline transport management, facilitate quick decision-making, provide complete visibility into transport execution and simplify the control of transporters' invoices, ultimately contributing to an improved efficiency and cost control.