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Bea Solutions is designer and developer of business-specific software solutions for the evolving operational needs of manufacturing and trading companies. For about a decade in business our products have positioned nearly 10,000 people in Europe for success in their industries by satisfying their customers and operating more efficiently.

Not every business operates on a scale that can benefit from our products, processes and capabilities. We can help only those businesses who see us like a one-stop partner for their unique business software needs. Unlike some competitors who act more or less like suppliers, we strive to build a strong relationship with our customers and support their growth. Because it is your business vision that directs the future of our products and we grow as you grow. Our business can meet this promise every step of the way.

For a growing business not choosing us for a long-term partner would mean to have to deal with multiple suppliers (no one fully understanding the complexity of their business challenge), overspending on less effective or partial solutions to improve business efficiency, poor visibility, inaccurate forecasts and inconsistent performance as a whole.

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