With this module, companies can create a perfect, integrated online sales experience for their customers. The E-Commerce Module provides an easy-to-use platform for customers to enter, manage and track their sales orders, access order history, view item prices and check stock availability.

Main features:

1. Customer Self-Service Portal: The E-Commerce Module provides a self-service portal where customers can log in, view products, place orders and manage their account information, giving them easy control over their transactions.
2. Order management: Customers can create and edit sales orders, view order history, and track order status in real-time so they stay on top of their purchases and deliveries.
3. Pricing and inventory visibility: Customers have access to up-to-date information on item prices and inventory availability, so they can make informed purchasing decisions and easily manage their inventory needs.
4. Seamless integration: The module integrates seamlessly with the ERP system and ensures that orders entered by customers are automatically and accurately integrated into the back-end ERP, minimizing the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors.
5. Customization and personalization: The E-Commerce Module can be customized to reflect the company's branding and specific requirements, providing customers with a personalized and consistent experience.


1. Enhanced Customer Experience: By providing customers with a self-service portal, companies can provide a more convenient and personalized experience, allowing customers to manage their orders and account information at their convenience.
2. Streamlined order processing: Integration with the ERP system ensures that orders entered by customers are seamlessly integrated, reducing manual data entry and speeding up the order processing process.
3. Improved operational efficiency: The E-Commerce Module reduces the administrative burden on sales and customer service teams by allowing customers to independently manage their orders and access relevant information, so employees can focus on higher-value tasks.
4. Real-time access to information: Customers benefit from real-time visibility into product availability and pricing, leading to informed purchasing decisions and potentially fewer customer questions about order status and inventory levels.
5. Expand Market Reach: By offering an online sales platform, companies can expand their reach to customers beyond traditional geographic boundaries, potentially opening up new sales opportunities and markets.

In summary, the E-Commerce Module enables companies to offer their customers a modern and efficient online sales experience, with self-service capabilities, real-time access to information and seamless integration with the ERP system, for improved customer satisfaction and efficiency.